How to fix GRUB errors? - Part II

In the previous article we discussed about the possible errors of GRUB. In this article, we will discuss more GRUB errors and how to fix them.

Condition 3: GRUB Error 17

You may come across this error while you boot your Linux Machine next day having the machine with dual-boot configuration(Windows and Linux on the same hardware).

Normally you get this error when GRUB is unable to recognize the partition from which you are trying to boot the system. You can try to restore the GRUB using the Linux First CD following the steps mentioned below:

1. Boot From the first Linux CD
2. Open Terminal Window
3. type sudo grub
4. then type : find /boot/grub/stage1
5. You'll get something like: (hd0, 1)
6. then type : #root (hd0, 1)
7. type: #setup (hd0)
8. #quit
9. #exit

Remove the Live CD and reboot the system.

Now you can boot your machine properly without any issue.

Condition 4: GRUB Error 22

You are using Windows Xp. You installed the new Fedora 13 as a dual OS. After some time you somehow formatted the fedora 13 partition from Xp (Through disk management in vista). Now you got an error saying GRUB error 22. It is not allowing you to boot into Windows Xp.The Error message it keep displaying:

GRUB loading stage 1.5
GRUB loading.....
Error 22

The reason is you deleted the partition and hance it showed that error.
You would want to remove any Linux system from it's boot loader (GRUB, in this case). You do it from the Grub GUI, or from within the Linux installation itself, if it has the boot tools there.

You should be able to fix this with the Windows Xp boot CD, but you need to familiarize yourself with the commands available. In your case, you need to know that the command you want is bcdedit /fixmbr (you may need to do bcdedit /fixboot first, I'm not sure).

If you are comfortable with Linux, you can have grub restore the original boot record (Xp's) and remove itself.

I would recommend to follow the Windows way to fix though Linux can also fix this issue. Follow this link.

Hope it helps !!!

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