389-DS Installation through Kickstart on Linux

389-DS ( earlier known to be Fedora DS) is a directory server owned by Red Hat Inc.  After purchasing from Netscape, Redhat promised to make it open source and hence today its popular and hold all those features which Microsoft Active Directory Server holds on its way.

This is a minimal Installation with just first CD of CentOS 5.4 and it went fine. Minimally it will install Linux OS with just < 700 MB.Though I tried it shrinking to 400 MB but I had a new venture to make 389-DS Ready.
Here is what I finished up with:

Setting up Fedora DS with just kickstart file:

Dont forget to include 389-ds.inf file (just copy paste for newer 389-DS Version).I am sure..it gonna work.

Here you go.
Now you have a complete CentOS 5.4 with Fedora DS Installed.

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