How to install .tar.bz2 file under Linux?

TAR refers to TApe aRchive.It is used to create tape archives and add or extract files.A ".tar" file doesn't refer to a compressed files, it is actually a collection of files within a single file uncompressed.

A .tar file may be available suffixed with .tar.bz2 or .tar.bz or .tar.gz. To extract the following compressed files we follow different utility.

bzip2 or bunzip2 is a block-sorting file compressor, v1.0.2.If the files are available as bunzip2, then we need to uncompress it through bunzip2 as shown below:

# ls
website.tar.bz2 alpha.tar.bz
#bunzip2 website.tar.bz2
website.tar.bz2 alpha.tar.bz website.tar

#bunzio alpha.tar.bz
website.tar.bz2 alpha.tar.bz website.tar alpha.tar

Once uncompressed with bunzip2, we need to untar the file.

 website.tar.bz2 alpha.tar.bz website.tar

#tar xvf website.tar

Once the above command is run, it will untar the files under the folder website.

Now its time to follow the normal steps ahead:

#cd website
#make install

In case it shows any errror related to gcc or make it means gcc packages are not installed in your machine.

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