X.Org 1.9.3 RC2 Announced, Final Release expected next week

Jeremy Huddleston from Apple yesterday announced the Second release candidate of X.Org Server ( 1.9.3 RC2).The Release included more bug and build fixes, majority related to Apple XQuartz:

XQuartz: Don't use bashism in uninstall-hook
XQuartz dri: Don't check CoreGraphics version
XQuartz: Remove existing localization files on install to avoid conflicts
XQuartz: Localization Updates
include: let BitIsOn() return a boolean value.
XQuartz: Disable the Mac OS X screensaver when in full screen mode
XQuartz: Cleanup some compiler warnings
XQuartz: RandR: Fix mode changing for multi-monitor configurations.
Version bumped to (1.9.3 RC2)

There is a speculation around the Mac OS 10.7 to be using X.Org 1.9.3. Reportedly, Ubuntu 11.04 and Fedora 15 Lovelock too will be expected to be next on line.

Jeremy intends to announce the final Release of X.Org 1.9.3 next week in case no regression occurs furtherhand. X.Org 1.10 merge window timeline has been shifted to remain open till next week and the final Release of X.Org 1.10 is expected to occur in Feb 2011.

The X.Org 1.9.3 RC2 announcement was found in the X.Org mailinglist http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/xorg-announce/2010-December/001554.html

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