Missing xorg.conf on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

Last night I was playing around with RHEL 6. I was trying to change the screen resolution through the command-line.Suddenly I was surprised to see no xorg.conf under /etc/X11 directory. There was no file under the directory and that made me little annoying.

I tried running the normal X Windows configuration command:

#Xorg --configure

But it says there is already X session running on :0

Next, I tried installing X Window packages through:

But that din't bring up xorg.conf.

Finally, I had a RHEL 5 machine from where I took xorg.conf and placed it manually under /etc/X11 and it worked !!!

Snippet of my xorg.conf included:

After putting this file under /etc/X11, I was able to run the following command to change my screen resolution and depth.

This is how I got my xrandr utility work and xorg.conf in place.


  1. missing the pictures.
    may you show me what command you run to change your screen resolution and depth?
    regards marc

  2. Can you follow http://linuxscoop.blogspot.com/2010/12/missing-xorg-file-on-fedora-14.html. I have no idea what google doing with my pics. I have also unable to see those attached pics.