How to extend LVM partition online?

Logical Volume Management ( LVM) is a disk management utility which comes by default with Linux system nowadays. It is always recommended to use LVM as it is useful whenever disk space is needed to be extended without any interruption.

Though it extends the space but one must be careful while extending the partition of the production servers where numbers of sophisticated applications are running.A Utility ext2online helps in extending the LVM space without any disruption.Let us look at this utility in little details.

Say, we created our logical volumes alpha (40GB), beta (5GB), and gamma (1GB) in the volume group emission.


Say, if you want to extend the size of gamma from 1GB to 2GB, we need to follow the following steps:

ajeet:~#lvextend -L+1024M /dev/emission/gamma

Extending logical volume media to 2 GB
  Logical volume media successfully resized

ajeet:~#ext2online -d /dev/emission/gamma

The ext2online is useful as it extends the LVM partition without disturbing the overall process ongoing on the linux machine related to the particular partition.

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