How to mount floppy under Ubuntu 10.04?

Mounting floppy drive for newbies sometimes seems to be difficult task. Especially one who are not well aware of system administration. Normally a new Linux users are recommended to use Ubuntu as a startup OS as its easy and lightweight to use. One of my colleague who just shifted from Microsoft to Linux asked me and this is how I put this article for someone who finds difficult accessing the floppy.

To access the MS-DOS formatted floppy, create a directory and run the specific command to mount your floppy.

#mkdir /mnt/floppy

#mount -t msdos /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy

In the above command, -t specify the filesystem type of the floppy. If you have formatted the floppy on Windows system, then you won't find difficult running this command.

/mnt/floppy is  a directory where you want to mount the device to access the contents.

How to un-mount the floppy?

#umount /dev/fd0

To forcefully unmount the floppy(though not recommended)

#umount -f /dev/fd0

To find out where your floppy mounted, you can run the following command:

#dmesg| grep fd

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  1. All nice and dandy, but FYI mounting floppies is screwed up since 9.10, due to some obscure GNOME bug. Did you TRY running these boilerplate commands lately?